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Learn Medical Coding is the world’s affordable live webinar and online self- study training organization for medical billing and coding. Register for a course today!


Take advantage of a Virtual "Live" programs where you will learn all aspects of medical coding. This opportunity offers far more instruction and preparation than any other available coursework. The Learn Medical Coding Virtual courses are all-inclusive courses, containing not just traditional study but offering critical virtual field experience not found anywhere else. Students who complete this course will be well versed and prepared to tackle the certification process.

Benefits of a Virtual Live! Course

1.  Live interactive instruction.

2. Course structure.

3. Interaction with other students.

4.  Practice test with live reviews.

5. Cost less than attending a university.

6. Very similar to attending a class in person.

7. Eliminates the need to travel to class.

8. Students can ask unlimited questions during class.


Take a class with us to improve your chances of passing an exam! 82% of students that takes our courses pass the exam. Over 90% of those students pass the exam the first time! Our students will log in to the LMS system to do all course work.

Benefits of taking a self study course.

1.  You'll be able to go at your own pace.

2.   Taking a self study course will give you more flexibility and you will be able to study  in the comfort of your own home any time.

3.  You will be assigned an instructor to help assist you through the course.

4. Lower expenses than a university.

5. You will have a full year to complete the course.

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