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Virtual CPC Course June 21 – November 01, 2017

Medical coding is a job that is here to stay and has a significant future in the medical field!

Learn Medical Coding LLC is now offering a 20-week course that will prepare students to successfully pass the CPC Exam. Students that completes this course are more than 80% likely to pass the certification exam than students that do not take this course. The students in this course will code over 500 real world cases! Students will learn how to look up codes efficiently in code books, how to read and pick the correct key words in medical reports and a thorough review of coding guidelines to code accurately.

We will also discuss certification testing techniques to assist students with passing the certification exam.

This coding class has changed the way people learn medical coding.

What makes us really different?

Course Content: Course includes:

CPT® Professional App, featuring a handy code lookup tool, a powerful E/M code selection wizard and hyperlinks to pertinent CPT Assistant articles

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Preparation Courses

Take advantage of a Virtual "Live" programs where you will learn all aspects of medical coding. This opportunity offers far more instruction and preparation than any other available coursework. The Learn Medical Coding Virtual courses are all-inclusive courses, containing not just traditional study but offering critical virtual field experience not found anywhere else. Students who complete this course will be well versed and prepared to tackle the certification process.

Anyone who has tried to prepare for their certification through traditional coursework eventually discovered that it lacks information about how to successfully prepare for the certification exam. Unfortunately, students are currently not receiving the proper study and preparation for the certification exam outside of our LIVE! program. The result is they struggle with most aspects of the exam. LIVE! is the first program to integrate a medical coding curriculum with practical coding.

With our course, take the first step to certification. Our LIVE! study includes a comprehensive practicum experience, including the coding of actual cases. Students will have the opportunity to acheive two years of coding experience by taking courses that are 24 weeks or more and adding AAPC'c Practicode (600 additional coding cases that accounts for 1 year of coding).
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LIVE! offers:

Instruction by an AAPC certified instructor and an AHIMA's ICD 10CM/PCS trainer, combining over 18 years of coding experience.

Extensive test taking tips and practice exams, including coding sessions using operative reports and code books.

The LIVE! course will focus on more than memorizing content. The included Virtual Office Internship will gives

The hands-on coding experience will better prepare students for real world coding and provide a significant edge for passing the certification exam. Plus, this knowledge will give you greater opportunities in the job market when employers see you have practical coding understanding many candidates will only learn after beginning working in the coding field.

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