CCS EXAM PREP - Live Webinar

If you're thinking of a career change and have been seeking an online program to receive an AHIMA certification for many new job opportunities, the new live virtual course Learn Medical Coding CCS Review for Coders may be a great option for you. The program will prepare you for the CCS.

The tuition for the program is designed to be affordable for even those with other responsibilities and obligations. We truly want our students to succeed and we do everything we can to help. During the course you will meet face to face with an instructor once a week for live webinar lectures and the opportunity to ask questions. . We want to be sure that our students never feel alone in the learning process. The program was designed to provide the skills needed to transition from physician outpatient coding to working in the field as an INPT Coder.
This is the most thorough CCS Review course Available online. The course covers Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Reimbursement Methodology, ICD- 10-CM/PCS and it includes AHIMA Vlab

Course start date please contact us for more information. Contact us at 855.263.3669

Student Course Eligibility Requirements:

Students CCS Exam Requirements




Unit One: Environment of Health Information

Unit Two: Content, Structure, and Processing of Health Information

Unit Three: Maintenance and Analysis of Health Information

Unit Four: Legal and Supervisory Issues in Health Information

ICD- 10CM/PCS (Approved by AHIMA for 24 CEU’ s)


How does this course compare to other coding programs? Most other programs do not provide the hands-on experience of health information management systems. As part of our coursework, students utilize a virtual lab for application of coding in the most common systems.

Students experience real-world quality exposure to common programs and systems, such as:

What exactly does the virtual lab include?
It includes the following real-world application components.

Cerner PowerChart and HIM Profile applications, including:

CCS PREP Exam Online Self Study Course

Learn Medical Coding LLC CCS Prep trains students for a new exciting career in medical coding. This course will prepare you to take AHIMA official CCSS certification exam. This program covers anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, reimbursement mehodology, CPT, ICD-10-CM/PCS.

This course meets all of the CCS eligibility requirements by education.

CCS Eligibility By Education

By Education: The following courses MUST be completed; anatomy & physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, medical terminology, reimbursement methodology, intermediate/advanced ICD diagnostic/procedural and CPT coding; OR

Medical Terminology




Advanced CPT coding.